Crochet Balaclava Tutorial

Balaclava is a traditional woolen hat cum helmet that covers the head, neck, ears and in some cases even the shoulders. So what could be better than a balaclava hat to wear in extreme winters?

Balaclava does look great in bright colors, in textured wools, adorned with crochet trims and flowers or may it be in complete crochet made with wool. Balaclava looks really great with crochet as well as knitting.

This great discovery from World War I is a practical, easy wear and easy off accessory that is a must have for the winters.

Sometimes, there are people who want things beyond the fashion requirements. Balaclava is perfectly for those. Bikers, high mountain skiers, fishermen, campers, sailors, patrol personals for rescue, ski or hunter teams, gardeners, delivery guys are always in need of something that can keep those wind chills….away.

Balaclava is obviously not for beginners, the more expert you are in crocheting; the more neatness will show up. Not every stitch falls perfect for this project. There are certain stitches that are for sure the better choice to make balaclavas. You won’t want crochet fans with lots of holes to let the wind get in right? So what to do?

Try making balaclava in Tunisian, buttonhole crochet in horizontal or vertical, chevron stripes, double-double crochet, lattice stitch, leaf, little leaf, pineapple, up and down, zigzag, increasing, double increasing, rib, rose stitch, Russian and twisted stitches. With so many types of stitches, it is easier for you to get started if you know a stitch or two from the list.

Crochet is one of those great crafts which need the minimum of supply and a good pattern to get started. Making balaclava is technical as it needs more details and a little more time. It is better if you choose to have a crochet video tutorial or somebody to teach you in personal. For the supplies all you need is two balls of knitting worsted or Aram weight yarn, a little heavier than knitting worsted, with 15% mohair content.

You’ll also need #7 and # 5 needles, circular and/or double point, plus a stitch-holder or spare yarn, and markers, tape measure, yarn needle, crochet hook for picking up dropped stitches if you want to make the major part with knitting; as some might find it easier to knit the large portions.

On the contrary if you want it a complete crochet project you will need a crochet hook rather than knitting needles.

There are hundreds of websites and books on balaclava projects. In case if you are looking for some good content as complete tutorials on balaclava crochet, try visiting these websites.

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