Double Hook Crochet Tutorial

Many of you might have seen pretty crochet hooks with two working ends; that is it has two hooks on either side of the shaft. When a friend of mine first gifted me a double hook, I was surprised to see it. I even didn’t know it’s called a cro-hook or afghan hook.

After that she taught me how to use it. It was very convenient to learn double hook crochet as I learnt with two contrasting colors. It is more or less like Tunisian crochet.


Worsted yarn in two contrasting colors, double hook.


Imagine using two colors, red and black. With black make 10 chains, insert hook into 2nd chain from hook, yarn around the yarn, pull loop through the chain, leave the loop on the hook.

You now have 2 loops on your hook, insert hook into next chain, yarn around the yarn pull loop thru chain leave the loop on the hook, you now have 3 loops on your hook. Repeat from second to third to the end of your chain, you should have 10 loops on your hook.

Now we are going to add red color and remove loops from the hook. Push all the loops that you have down to the opposite end of the hook, and turn your hook.

With red yarn make a slip knot, put it on the hook, pull it through the first loop of black, you now have on your hook 1 loop of red yarn and 9 loops of black yarn, yarn around pull through red and black repeat until you have only 1 loop of red on your hook.

Take a look at the row, you will have vertical stitches of black, there will always be a loop on your hook and it is always counted as the first stitch. Now you are going to put loops back onto your hook by inserting the hook under the vertical bars.

Keep in mind that loop on your hook and the vertical bar underneath it is counted as your first stitch and you do not insert your hook into it, insert your hook into the red yarn.

A vertical bar from hook, yarn around hook, pull loop thru, leave it on your hook, you now have 2 loops on your hook. Insert hook into next black vertical bar, yarn around hook pull loop through, leaving loop on your hook, you now have 3 loops of red on your hook.

Repeat at the end of the row you will have 10 loops of red on your hook. Now you will use black yarn and repeat the above procedure to elaborate the pattern.

There are several other websites that teach various ways of double hook crochet. You can find double hook crochet tutorials on these sites as well.




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