Free Advanced Beginner Crochet Patterns

Regardless of your ability level, crochet is always fun. As your confidence completing different stitches and understanding pattern directions continues to improve, you will definitely want to expand your crochet horizons and try different, and sometimes more challenging, crochet patterns. You may even want to try to develop your own patterns! This is a great way to work to understand how more challenging projects are completed, such as a sweater that requires sewing pieces together or socks that require taking foot measurements.

A great place to always begin your hunt for free advanced beginner patterns is your local library. Just take a look in the craft section and you will have a wide variety of books at your disposal. This is a great way to try out one or two patterns from a book without having to purchase the entire book if it doesn’t meet your liking. Your library may also have any of the crochet magazines available for lending. These magazines also have great crochet patterns, as well as “tips and tricks” to help improve your crochet skills.

There are a wide variety of free websites that are available today with crochet patterns to suit every ability level. Additionally, there are groups on Yahoo that share publically available free patterns and recommend websites to find even more.

A great free website that has hundreds of free crochet patterns is This is an online website and discussion group that covers all types of fiber arts. You can find free and paid crochet and knitting patterns, discussion groups and forums, and more! You can also learn more about other fiber arts, such as needle felting, yarn spinning and weaving.

One of the best aspects of a site like Ravelry is the support that is available to you through their online community. There are plenty of groups and forums to join which allows for sharing of ideas and discussions, along with help if you are stuck on a particular aspect of a pattern. You may even discover that there is a crochet group that meets nearby your home so you can meet your crochet buddies in person!

In addition to, there are plenty of other great sites that offer free crochet patterns for every ability level. Some more popular crochet sites include:

These sites are great places to get started. As you continue to research crochet patterns online and “meet” new friends in crochet discussion groups and forums, you will learn of other sites that can provide advanced beginner crochet patterns, as well as patterns for other ability levels.




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