How To Attach Crochet To Knitting

A single word “CROCHET” is linked to a world of creativity and intricate patterns. What can’t be made of crochet? Almost everything is possible to make with thread and a hook, with the help of the right pattern.

Hats, scarves, headbands, bandanas, shirts, sweaters, pullovers, ponchos, stoles, shawls, throws, wraps, capes, dresses, gloves, socks, slippers, shoes, jewelry, hair accessories, teapot covers, cushions, rugs, curtain frills, net laces, place mats, mobile pouches, iPod covers, bags, pouches, key ring chimes, baby toys, baby dresses, more, more and more.

The interesting fact is that even those projects which are not completely made with crochet like knitting and fabric stitching can also be adorned with crochet trims.

And the way is scalloped edging crochet. There are many other scalloped edging stitches, but here I’m telling you the easiest of all.


This is the simplest of all double crochet and can be worked backwards, forwards or even in circles, as in around the cuffs.

1. 1st row: Work along edge using double crochet. If working a circular edge, join with a slip stitch to the first stitch.

2. 2nd row: If the work is in circular pattern, work base along the round already made, making one double crochet in each double crochet and working from left to right instead of the normal right to left. If you are working in rows then do not turn the work but simply make one double crochet in each double crochet that has already been made. Fasten off and you are done.

There are many other methods to attach crochet to a fabric or knitting like attaching crochet picot lace to a pillow case. The most common method is to stitch it either with machine or do hand stitching, depending upon the requirement and the fabric type.

You can stitch with tapestry needle either by using the same thread used in crochet or the wool that was used in knitting. There are many websites that provides with many tips for crochet crafters. Try visiting these as well.




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