How To Do Beaded Crochet

The little round colorful glass beads are a part of our everyday life. In clothes, on bags, on shoes, in belts, in jewelry, they are allover the world. So why should crochet be left behind??

Imagine adorning your pretty pillowcase trims, crochet hats, flower brooches with beads.

Any ordinary pattern can look simply great with a few contrasting beads. Adding beads is fun, once if you know how to crochet a beaded rope.

You need not to worry, how? Cause I will teach you all the nitty-gritty details of how to crochet a beaded rope. But before starting the teaching section, I need you to know a few things that are very important. Never use cotton or silk threads in the rope!!!

They won’t last too long. The weight of the beads will eventually make them get loose and the effort will all be in vain.

Try using polyester threads for beaded ropes. Secondly do not use very thick threads as the beads will be difficult to move and will also have spaces in between them. This can make a disaster to an intricate pattern.

Ok let’s start working with the beaded rope.


1. Crochet hook, polyester thread size 10, glass beads size 8.

2. String beads in thread. Now with other thread Chain 15. Now turn over, leave 1 chain and Take the hook between the front half and back half of the first chain to begin a single crochet stitch. Pull up the last bead you have previously strung, snug next to the hook and chains.

3. Take the hook and yarn over (yarn around hook) behind the bead and pull up a loop. Now there should be two loops on the hook and the bead should be attached to the chain foundation.

4. Make a second yarn over, pull up a loop, completing a single crochet stitch. The bead is only worked in the first yarn over, the second yarn over is a standard finish of a single crochet stitch.

5. Continue for all 14(we skipped the first chain remember)

6. Similarly we can make circular patterns. In that pattern you need to join the basic chain rope from the starting point to the end with the help of slip stitch.

7. You can add on further rows as par the pattern requirement or as you wish.

If you want to add beads on a finished project, or on a project that can not have beaded crochet ropes like Tunisian crochet, then you can simple sew the beads on it.

But make sure to sew neatly with same colored thread. There’s a small list of websites. Try these for more beady ideas.




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