How To Crochet Flower Tutorial

Flowers, no matter in what form, please everyone. A joyous vision for eyes!!! Refreshing and splendored. Either they are real or artificial, in vases or in prints, in gardens or on walls; in every form the colors and the aura they generate can lighten up their mood.

Flowers have always been inspiration to me. Being obsessed with crocheting gives me enough chance to make such pretty flowers to adorn a dress, as brooches, in hat pins, or even in fashion jewelry which my daughter loves to wear.

Crochet flowers are easy to make if you know the ABC of crochet. There are even online tutorial for simple crochet flower, which you can get at the listed websites.

But right now I’m about to teach you how to make a very basic yet adorable crochet flower.

All you need is a simple crochet hook and two or three colors of wool. Why wool? You can even make it with other threads as well but I love making it with wool. But make sure that the width of the wool is appropriate to adjust with the hook size.

With the first color, chain 6. Go back into the first chain and work a dc and then chain 2. Repeat it for 7 times and all into the first chain.

You will get 8 spokes now. Join up the circle with a sl st into the third chain on the left (which is the third chain of the first spoke). Now you have to make (sc, ch 1, 2 dc, ch 1, sc) all into one of the arches you have created.

This is how the petals are created. Again repeat it in over all 8 arches and you have the first flower. Join with a sl st to the first sc on the first petal. Cut off.

Turn over the flower. With the next color, whatever you choose, make a slip knot and put the crochet hook under a first color spoke and pull the second color wool through.

You now have 2 stitches on your hook, pull the hook through to make one. Chain 6 and work a dc on the next spoke, chain 3. Repeat this dc, chain 3 on each spoke.

Then make a sl st into the third chain of the first row that you did. Turn the whole thing over to the right side. Pull the first color petals slightly forward and work (sc, chain 1, 3 dc, chain 1, sc) over each arch. Join with a sl st into the first sc. Cast off.

Now your flower is ready. You can make two, three, four or even five whirls with different or even same color.

Every whirl will increase the size of the flower. Make it as you like.

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