Bridge Net Wrap

A crochet maker interested in creating a wrap to wear at a party or as a gift can choose to make a standard wrap or an intricately designed one. A bridge net wrap is a type of intricate, beautiful design that can accompany any causal or formal attire. The bridge net wrap, once finished, resembles a wrap made of lace instead of yarn. Creating this type of wrap requires Simply Soft yarn and E/6 (3.25 mm) crochet hook. For a crochet maker interested in adding a creative flair can add tassels or fringes to the end of the wrap.

Bridge Net Pattern

  • Crochet a foundation row of 84 chains with your size crochet hook and yarn.
  • Chain an additional 5 chs to your foundation chain (ch) for a total of 88 chains then work a single crochet (sc) in the 8th chain from your crochet hook.
  • Ch 2, skip 2 of the foundation chain, work a dc in the next chain,* chain 2, skip the next 2 chs, sc in the next ch, ch 2, skip the next 2 chs, work a dc in the next ch* repeat across row from* to *.  Chain 8, and turn your work. Row 1 finished.
  • Skip the first dc located at the base of your ch-8,* dc in the next dc, then ch 5, turn * repeat across from * to * ending dc in the 3rd ch of turning ch. Chain 5. Row 2 finished.
  • Insert your hook in the first ch-5 arch and work a sc over the ch-5  arch space, ch 2, dc in the next dc, ch 2,  then sc over the next arch space* repeat across from * to * , ending with a ch 2, and working a dc in the 3rd ch of the ch-8.
  • Repeat row 2 and 3 to continue in the bridge net pattern.
  • Continue to work in pattern until your wrap measures inches—or the desire length needed.  Fasten off.
  • Cut all loose end and weave them into your wrap.
  • Optional:


    Measure a piece of cardboard 5” wide x twice your desired length. Fold the cardboard in half for example, the folded cardboard measure 5”x 4”.  The unfold cardboard will measure 5” wide x 8” in height.

    • Cut a strand of yarn about 10” in length.  Then insert the yarn between the fold cardboard. The strand of yarn will become your tassel tie.
    • Wrap the yarn around your cardboard about 12 times. The more you wrap the yarn the fuller your tassel will become.

    Wrap and Tie Trim

    • Hold the wrap cardboard on a flat surface with one hand. Then grab both ends of your yarn/ties with the other hand and pull it down to the open end of the cardboard. Once the yarn or tie is down make a knot around the wrapped yarn.
    • Cut the opposite end of the yard along the fold to free your tassel from the cardboard.
    • Tie a piece of yarn around the top half of your tassel to make a bundle.
    • Make as many tassels a needed.
    • Place tassels in every other triangle at the long length of your wrap.




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