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Cat Toy

It is always so much fun to watch a cat chase a toy around the house, especially one filled with catnip.  This particular toy can be made out of cotton or acrylic yarn, but I personally prefer the cotton yarn.   It takes less than half an hour to crochet it, so your cat (and you) can be enjoying it in no time at all.


4.00 mm aluminum crochet hook

100% cotton yarn – leftovers from dishcloths work well

Polyester stuffing, quilt batting scraps or scraps of fleece

4” piece of cotton fabric

Catnip – 1 tbsp

Needle and thread



To make your catnip pouch, fold the fabric square in half wrong sides together.  Stitch almost all the way around using small hand stitches or by machine.  Add the catnip then finish stitching.  As this will be inside the toy, there is no need to turn the pouch.  Once the catnip pouch is finished, you will be ready to make the ball.

Ch 4 and join with a sl st to make a ring.

Round 1:  Ch 3; 7 dc in ring; join with sl st in top of ch 3.  (8 stitches)

Round 2:  Ch 3; 1 dc in ch 3 st; 2 dc in each st around.  Join with sl st in top of ch 3 (16 stitches)

Round 3:  Ch 3; 1 dc in ch 3 st; 1 dc in next st.  *2 dc in next st; 1 dc in next st.  Repeat from * all the way around; join with a sl st in top of ch 3 (27 stitches)

Round 4:  Ch 3; 1 dc in each st around; join with sl st in top of ch 3 (27 stitches)

Round 5:  Repeat Round 4

Round 6:  Ch 3; sk next st; *dc in next 2 sts; sk 1 dc*; repeat from * to * 8 times; sk next dc; 1 dc in next st.  Join with sl st to top of ch3 (18 stitches)

Stuff with catnip pouch and stuffing

Round 7:  Ch 3; *sk next st; 1 dc; 8 times; sk 1 st.  Join with sl st in top of ch 3 (9 stitches)

Round 8:  Ch 1; sl st in every second st and ch 1 st.  Fasten off and hide yarn ends inside ball.

Note:  This pattern may also be used to make toys for babies.  The ball will be worked the same, but the catnip pouch will be eliminated.  To stimulate baby’s senses, use bright colors.




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